Off-Campus Housing 101

Living Off-Campus - Day One Survival Kit

By Libby Adams | 6/29/2018

This is going to be the beginning of a fantastic experience. To make sure it starts off without a hitch, we've compiled a short list to help you make it through the first 24 hours of living in your very own place. This list is your Survival Kit for day one - to take care of your basic comforts and avoid some possible glitches. We've assumed you've brought along your personal essentials like soap and a toothbrush and that you've got the standard furniture, like a bed. This ten point check list is all the other stuff:
  1. Your Bedroom - Bring all of your bedding, such as a mattress pad, sheets, and blanket. Don't forget a pillow. (Hard to believe, but students have been known to forget about a pillow, an item which can make or break that first night's sleep.)
  2. Bathroom Must Haves - Need a shower curtain? Don't forget the rings to hang it on. And a roll of toilet paper - that's a definite essential. Throw in a towel too.
  3. Kitchen Helpers - Toaster oven or microwave? Very useful appliances--check if you need to have one or both on hand. And very helpful -- a can opener. Also bring some paper plates, plastic utensils and a roll of paper towels.
  4. A CHARGED Phone - Just in case the power is not turned on when you get there. If it's got a flashlight, that's an added bonus.
  5. Phone Charger - that wire can be like a life line.
  6. Scissors, sturdy Scotch Tape and a Marker - you'll probably need to cut, stick stuff and mark. You'll want to stick something on the windows if there's no blinds. You may need to cut into a box or plastic bag. And using the marker with some sticky note pads, you'll be able to leave your roommates a nice welcome note on the fridge.
  7. Your Landlord's telephone number and email address.
  8. Garbage Bags - you will need a place to put packing materials and food wrappers after you finish with them.
  9. Snacks, Water and other "Beverages"
  10. And most important, don't forget the KEYS for your off-campus rental! You'd be surprised to find out how many people have been locked out on Day One. Don't be that guy!
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